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Nourish have collated a list of pregnancy, baby and parenting related podcasts. Please let us know if there are any we should add! 

Podcast Series

Welcome to the podcast for mums, mums to be, and anyone else who wants to provide breastmilk for their baby.  We celebrate breastfeeding without shying away from what it's really like! Cluster feeding, common breastfeeding myths, expressing milk, nursing a toddler, navigating a return to work - we talk about it all.  Get in touch if you'd like to share your own experiences. Hosted by journalist and a very tired mum of one Manpreet Pinder.

A companion to your infant feeding journey, this podcast explores how to get breastfeeding off to a good start (and how to end it) in a way that meets everyone's needs. Hosted by Emma Pickett.

Dr Cindy Hovington chats about the science of emotions to help you become an emotionally aware parent. Understand your emotional triggers, how to monitor if your nervous system is dysregulated and how to model healthy emotional coping skills for your child. 

Janet Lansbury is a parenting expert and the author of two books on babies and toddlers, and her soothing, reassuring advice makes you feel as if you really can be a calm, confident parent even in the face of toddler meltdowns and defiance.

Lansbury’s approach focuses on respect for the child and acceptance of her emotions and development, but allows for firm parental limits as needed. Unruffled offers extremely practical and specific advice for common parenting situations.”

Hosted by the founder of The Dad Vibes, Tom Piccirilli, Parenting Truths is a safe space for guests to share the highs and lows of their parenting journey. Parenting Truths will empower you to make decisions that are right for you and your family and not what society views as "normal".

Single Episodes

Sheila Dillon explores how food habits are formed in the early years, and how parents and nurseries are coping with a food environment full of unhealthy ultra-processed food.

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