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Nourish Antenatal Class

Preparing for birth and the stages of labour

2 Hour workshop via video call on Zoom

Relaxed and interactive with group discussions

Recommended from 30 weeks

Small groups of 6-8

Join with birth partner or alone

What the class covers

Our aim is to prepare you for birth and to take you on a journey through the stages of labour. The class is designed to help you to trust in birth as a natural process and to give you the confidence to make decisions and face any possibilities during your labour and birth.


We will cover:


• The birth process from early phases of labour to birth and meeting your new baby.


• Breathing and relaxation techniques you can use to help labour progress smoothly.


• Positions to help your baby into a good position before and during birth, as well as facilitating the birth process.


• Meeting your baby, skin to skin and the first feed.

Sarah Harcombe

Sarah is an experienced qualified Antenatal practitioner and has been facilitating antenatal classes locally since 2013. She also has 8 years of experience as a Doula, supporting families in the south west on their parenting journeys.


Supporting parents is her passion, Sarah is knowledgeable, warm and compassionate, she uses her core skills of listening, non-judgemental support and sharing evidence-based information to enable parents to make informed decisions about their birth and baby.

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